Squeezepenny (SQP) CSA Program
Please see the bottom of page for our brief history.

Up until now many of you probably only know of one concept
or definition of a
CSA  (Community Supported Agriculture),
but who's to say how we create our own. We encourage all of
you to research the concept for yourselves. Make it a family
project that addresses the issues of: Local Food Safety and
Supply; Buy Local, Eat Fresh, no longer just a catch phrase;
    Conservation of Our Natural Resources; Farmland
    Preservation; Food Miles & Carbon Reduction and etc...
      YES, we are still accepting new
    Squeezepenny CSA Members to join us in 2016!
    We welcome you to join us by 5/10/16.
     You may apply and submit your
    SQP CSA Annual Membership Agreement Form
    along with your $60 Annual Membership fee.
    Our Share price is $125 per One (1) Non-voting 2016 Share.
    Each contains five (5) bi-weekly fresh produce distributions.
A "prorated" dollar value of $25 has been assigned to each dist.
    We also have a one time $20 Crop Box fee.
Select a "Share" Size
Can't decide to commit just yet? Then consider our new
"Future" Share
Offered for the first time! A "Future" Share contains only two (2)
bi-weekly fresh produce distributions for the total cost of $50.
In order to help us "grow" enough to be able to include you and
your own family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc...
We welcome you to purchase a "Future" Share by 5/10/16.

Please inquire for our "future" details!
Just in case you decide to become a SQP CSA Member while you are
waiting, our 2016 SQP CSA Annual Membership fee is $60.

    We are inviting everyone to join us in this collaboration of
    resources to combine all of our talents and services in
    community support. We need to  pull together as a
    COMMUNITY to use our limited, but available resources.
Squeezepenny CSA's Past Annual Membership Fees
2009 Original* Charter Members $40 - joined us prior to 6/17/09
*Each year they continue to be offered this lower rate.
2009 Charter Members $60 - joined us prior to 12/31/09
2010 Charter Members $60 - joined us prior to 5/31/10
2010 - 2015 Members $60 - joined us prior to 12/31/15
2016 "New" Members $60 - We welcome you to join us by 3/10/16.
Please also inquire about our "Future" Share details!

See below for our SQP CSA's brief 6 year history:
Thank you to all of our SQP CSA Members
that got us off to such a great beginning in 2009,
through the record setting North Texas heat of 2010,
through the historic 50 year record-setting Texas drought of 2011
and through a 2nd, 3rd & 4th year in a row of a state-wide historic
drought of 2012, 2013 &2014. As we all know for those three years the
drought conditions were indeed felt nation-wide! Then 2015, yet another
year that started off in drought just to turn to local flooding, twice. Our
local drought status was lifted but after just 1 month will no additional rain
it was back in place. Here at the farm we received flooding rains the entire
month of May & again in October.

We look forward to serving you all
and to meeting "New Members" in 2016!
This is our Cage-Free, Wild Rabbit
Lucy! She has a twin!
We see them mostly late at night.
** She IS NOT part of our menu**
SSF's NW view of garden early Feb. 2013
          Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm
SSF's driveway view of new
Production House mid-April 2013
West view of the sunset
in Squeezepenny.
Same west view with
leaves on the trees.
Same west view
on a cloudy day.
Same west view
on a clear day.
Yes, there really is a place named Squeezepenny.
It is a rural Collin County, Texas community.
It is home!
Four generations of Farm Girls!
SSF's  Boston Pickling Cucumber vines
Summer 2012
A wonderful
American Flag display
in Garland, TX.